Project - St. Louis City Bridge Maintenance and Management Program – PHASE 1 | Bridges and Structures

St. Louis, Missouri

Project Description:

Juneau was selected to inspect and evaluate the 71 bridges located in the City of St. Louis. These bridges range from a single span structure, 22 feet in length to multi-span structures over 4000 feet long (Eads Bridge over the Mississippi River).  Engineering task items performed by Juneau during Phase 1 included:

  • Prepare a Condition Assessment Checklist with assessment objectives and data record keeping for both steel and concrete frame structures. This document is used to manage the work efforts through Phase I and assist in action steps for Phase II.
  • Collect available documents (drawings, past repair packages, etc.) for each structure.
  • Conduct a visual investigation of all bridge structures. Record data in the Condition Assessment Checklist.
  • Group structures into categories based on general condition and/or type of structure.  Prepare a plan for more detailed assessment tasks based on each category.    
  • Conduct contamination, delamination, and the concrete cover surveys via concrete sampling and non-destructive testing means. Determine the underlying causes for any observed deterioration.  
  • Prepare service life predictions for bridge structures under a variety of repair and maintenance options. Repetitive repairs and protection techniques are included in this report.
  • Conduct Life Cycle Cost Analysis (per NCHRP 483) to obtain the lowest Net Present Value (NPV) solution for each bridge type and condition.  
  • Apply this cost analysis technique for future repair and maintenance budgets focusing on a 10-year horizon.
  • Prepare final Phase I report in a form that provides assistance for efforts in Phase II.

Juneau will also prepare Final Construction Documents for bridge repair items over the next 4 years as Phase 2 work. During the first year, 2009, final construction documents were prepared for some of the most needed repair items totaling over $6.3 million in construction costs.

By establishing an overall Bridge Maintenance and Management Program for the City's bridges, the City is able to apply for Federal funding to be used for the recommended repair work each year.