Malcolm Martin Park  |  Site Development
East St. Louis, Illinois

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Project Description:

Located on the East St. Louis Riverfront, Malcolm Martin Park opened to the public in mid 2009. The new park complements the renowned Jefferson Memorial Park, home of the St. Louis Arch, located across the Mississippi River as Eero Saarinen, designer of the St. Louis Arch originally conceived, creating a park on both sides of the Mississippi River. Now, decades later, this has become a reality.

Juneau provided Metroeast Park and Recreation District (MERPD) professional surveying and engineering services for the new walking paths, outdoor amphitheatre, parking lots and 43 ft. tall Mississippi River overlook constructed adjacent to the Gateway Geyser, a water fountain designed with the capability to reach 630 feet. The handicap-accessible tiered Mississippi River Overlook structure stands just over 43 feet tall at its highest point and is highlighted by an illuminated stainless steel railing system so that visitors can enjoy both daytime and nighttime views.

Juneau has provided surveying and engineering services for multiple projects for Metroeast Park and Recreation District since 2005 as part of their professional services with MERPD.