Pontoon Road Bridge Over Illinois Route 203  |  Transportation
Granite City, Illinois

Pontoon overpass3

Project Description:

Juneau was contracted by the City of Granite City to prepare both the Type Size & Locations (TS&L) Plans and the Final Construction Documents for two bridge overpass structures.  This project consisted of 14,000 linear feet of roadway improvements, in addition to two bridge overpass structures, to help remedy one of Granite City’s most hazardous intersections.

Engineering tasks included topographical and boundary surveying, hydraulics, design, traffic signal design, roadway engineering and bridge/structural engineering.  Additional tasks included coordinating with multiple railroads, right-of-way plan preparation and the coordination of acquiring approximately 20 parcels of commercal and 140 parcels of residential property associated with construction of this project.

Key Components:

  • 14,000 linear feet of roadway improvements
  • Addition of two bridge overpass structures
  • 5 span bridge, 385 feet long by 71’2” wide with a substructure of steep pole bent abutments, and steel pile cap intermediate piers
  • Single span bridge 89 feet long by 71’2” wide with a substructure of steel pile supported integral end bents
  • Designed for Seismic Performance Category B
  • Pontoon overpass