Geographic Information System (GIS)

Juneau provides GIS services for municipalities and agencies throughout the St Louis Metropolitan area.  We have experience providing GIS services and support to clients ranging from local government agencies to individuals seeking information, answers or solutions to their geospatial problems.  Our GIS staff also plays a role supporting the internal needs of civil and structural engineering projects by providing data and mapping expertise throughout a project life cycle, from concept to completion.

We feel that each project needs to be approached on an individual basis.  Close communication with clients allows our staff to tailor each project to provide the desired solution in a cost effective manner. Our experience includes:

•    Needs Analysis & Project Design
•    Geodatabase Design & Maintenance
•    Data Acquisition
•    Data Creation & Conversion
•    LiDAR Data Processing
•    Land Surface Analysis
•    Project Site Selection Analysis
•    GPS Data Collection Services & Assistance
•    Cartographic Services & Map Composition
•    ArcGIS based solutions & Application Development
•    GIS Support & Consulting


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