Juneau Engineering & Land Surveying | Pontoon Road Bridge Overpass


As population growth continues to create an increasing need for land development and subsequent infrastructure advances, the responsible management of existing and increased traffic flows has become a priority for municipal government and private developers. Juneau recognizes these challenges and has worked with multiple municipalities and transportation departments to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Our experience is extensive and our staff is skilled in communicating with clients and managing projects from start to finish to ensure that expectations are met. Contact us today and learn more about our transportation experience and how we can assist you with:

•    Municipal Traffic Representation
•    Transportation Capital Improvements Planning
•    Traffic Calming
•    Traffic Impact Studies
•    Traffic Operation and Safety Analysis
•    Highway Occupancy Permitting
•    Traffic Signal Design and Permitting, Optimization and Coordination
•    Intersection and Roadway Design
•    Special Event and Traffic Control Plans
•    Pedestrian Mobility Enhancements
•    Bridge, Culvert and Stormwater Management Design