Juneau Engineering & Land Surveying | Wastewater Treatment Improvements

Water & Wastewater

Juneau provides water and wastewater engineering for municipalities, industries, and commercial sites throughout the country. Juneau is experienced in all aspects of water treatment and management and can handle some of the most complex designs.

Specifically, our team is experienced in:


•    Water  wells
•    Coagulation and flocculation processes
•    Lime-soda and ion exchange softening
•    Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems
•    Sedimentation
•    Granular and membrane filtration
•    Fluoridation and coagulation
•    Water distribution system modeling
•    Water distribution system design
•    Low service pump stations and high service pump stations
•    Filter backwash water treatment basin design
•    Booster pump station
•    Water disinfection
•    Water treatment chemical feeding system
•    Removal of specific constituents
•    Drinking water plant residuals management, process selection, and integration
•    Water storage (elevated water tanks and ground storage tanks)



•    Wastewater collection and treatment design considerations
•    Sanitary sewer design
•    Lift pumping station and forcemain design
•    Wet weather excess flow detention basin
•    Sewer lining
•    NPDES permits
•    Industrial wastewater pre-treatment program
•    Combined sewer overflow control
•    Headworks and preliminary treatment
•    Primary treatment
•    Wastewater microbiology
•    Secondary treatment by suspended and attached growth biological processes
•    Secondary settling, disinfection, and postaeration
•    Tertiary treatment
•    Wastewater plant residuals management
•    Clean water plant process selection and integration