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Juneau Associates Honored with Quality Concrete Award for Timberlake Manor Parkway Bridge Project

The Concrete Council and American Steel Fabrication has recently honored Juneau Associates with the Quality Concrete Award for Timberlake Manor Parkway, which was completed in November 2014. This award recognizes member firms and others who have demonstrated outstanding work related to concrete structures in the St. Louis area.


The City of Chesterfield contracted Juneau Associates Inc., P.C. to prepare plans and specifications to replace the existing 3-span bridge and to provide construction observation services. The structure on Timberlake Manor Parkway and the I-64 frontage road is the only access road into the Townes Thousand Oaks Subdivision, making it imperative that the work was done quickly and because closing the road was not an option. The new bridge was constructed one side at a time, allowing a lane of traffic to cross throughout the construction of the new bridge, which was approximately four months. The finished bridge accommodates two, 12-foot-wide lanes of traffic; two, 2-foot-wide shoulders; one, 6-foot-wide sidewalk with pedestrian fence and two, 20-foot-wide, Type D safety barriers. Included in the bridges superstructure is seven, Type 6, pre-stressed concrete I-Girders that support a two-inch reinforced concrete deck.

Additional concrete work included a new concrete entrance leading up to the subdivision clubhouse since the new bridge changed the roadway profile. Concrete was also used for the rock blanket around the abutments to the bridge. During demolition of the old bridge, inclusion-free recycled concrete pieces were set aside and were also used to create a uniform look in the new structure.