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Municipal Engineering

Juneau’s staff consists of seasoned professionals well versed in providing a variety of services to local agencies to ensure that public services remain in operation and to provide planning for future capacity.

Cities grow, new developments emerge, and the necessity for local agency-provided services is ever changing. Juneau’s professionals work with many communities and agencies to assess current and future system needs, develop appropriate funding sources, meet federal and local government specifications and regulations, and monitor construction operations. Juneau provides professional representation at city council and village board meetings, and attendance at committee, departmental, or any other meeting that requires our technical expertise.

Understanding also that critical services can’t just shut down, Juneau’s staff can be available to our municipal clients by telephone, fax, e-mail or in person if required during emergencies, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

Municipal Engineering Services:

•    Funding and grant assistance
•    Feasibility/special assessment studies
•    Review development plans for local, state and federal regulations conformance
•    Plan and implement future infrastructure needs
•    Ordinance updates pertaining to engineering-related matters
•    Stormwater management
•    Utility system analysis and reports
•    MFT program development and administration
•    Street maintenance programs
•    Recreational facilities
•    Building structural modifications review
•    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping
•    Comprehensive plan assistance & land use zoning analysis
•    ADA compliance
•    Streetscape planning